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K. Bender

I am K. Bender, a retired academic in the 'hard' sciences, developing since 2004 a "Digital Thematic Research Collection" with a comprehensive database (ca 27,000 records) of the iconography of Aphrodite/Venus. I compile and publish Topical Catalogues, extracted from the database. At present Topical Catalogues of artworks (sculptures, reliefs, paintings, frescoes, drawings, prints and illustrations) of identified artists from Italy, France, the Low Countries and from Germany, Switzerland and Central-Europe have been published. In my Research Papers, I analyse the diversity, popularity and time distribution of topics, artworks and artists, based on the categorized information of the Topical Catalogues. I apply non-parametric statistics to these large samples and contribute to the quantitative approach in art history.
Location: Ghent, Belgium

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