Finding and Using Pleiades Content

All of the resources (places, names, and locations, as well as help and other pages) in Pleiades are free and open to the public. No login is required to:

  • Make full use of the quick search on our homepage and the advanced search form;
  • View, link, print, and download the web pages for all published geographic resources;
  • Access and download the alternate serializations for all published geographic resources;
  • Interact programmatically with published content via our API; and
  • Download content en masse via our downloads page.

If you run into "access denied" errors, please email with detailed information, including the link to the page you were trying to access.

Correcting and Adding Content

People around the world can benefit from your involvement in Pleiades. Joining is easy, and once you're a community member you can help by contributing better coordinates for sites; identifying placenames in ancient sources; writing essays about ancient places; adding links to good websites, books and articles; and even writing entirely new entries.

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Please note that requesting and using a Pleiades account constitutes your agreement to all terms of the Pleiades Contributor Agreement. We also ask that you please read our letter concerning Pleiades and privacy.