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a Pleiades name resource

Creators: B. Siewert-Mayer, W. Röllig, H. Kopp
Contributors: Francis Deblauwe, Eric Kansa
Copyright © The Contributors. Sharing and remixing permitted under terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License (cc-by).
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A place name from the TAVO Index (Vol. 2, p. 980)

al-Lāḏiqīya, al-Ladhiqiya, el-Ladhiqiye, al-Ladhiqiyah, el-Ladhiqiyeh, al-Ladhiqiyya, al-Ladhiqiyyah, el-Ladhiqiyye, el-Ladhiqiyyeh, al-Ladiqiya, el-Ladiqiye, al-Ladiqiyah, el-Ladiqiyeh, al-Ladiqiyya, al-Ladiqiyyah, el-Ladiqiyye, el-Ladiqiyyeh

Arabic (Modern Standard)

geographic name




  • 2nd Millennium BC Levant (2000–1000 BC) (confident)
  • Egyptian/Hittite Levant (1344–1212 BC) (confident)
  • 1200 BC Middle East (confident)
  • Hellenistic Greek, Roman Republic (330 BC-30 BC) (confident)
  • Caliphate-Umayyad Middle East (AD 632–750) (confident)
  • Early Byzantine (AD 650-850) (confident)
  • Abassid Middle East (AD 750–940) (confident)
  • Crusader/Byzantine/Seljuq Middle East (AD 1081–1204) (confident)
  • Crusader/Seljuq-Ayyubid Levant (AD 1099–1291) (confident)
  • Ilkhanate Middle East (AD 1258–1335) (confident)
  • Ottoman Rise (AD 1300–1453) (confident)
  • 1500 AD Middle East (AD 1500–1500) (confident)
  • Late Ottoman Empire (AD 1683–1918) (confident)
  • Khedivate Egypt (AD 1800–1922) (confident)
  • Ottoman Decline-Mandate Middle East (AD 1900–1950) (confident)
  • Modern Middle East (AD 1918–2000) (confident)


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