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Connection Types

for example, the Forum Holitorium abuts the Forum Boarium; Ancona abuts the Hadriaticum Mare

for cultural features at the site of a physical feature or another cultural feature

forms an edge or border for

capital of
for example, The capital of Maxima Caesariensis from 296 to 800 CE was London

communicates with
for connected structures, regions, areas, and bodies of water where flow direction is inappropriate, undefined, or unknown

legacy and imports only

flows into
as for rivers, aqueducts, and connected sources and bodies of water

grant of citizenship rights between Greek states which were to remain independent (as defined by OCD, s.v. "isopoliteia"

material sourced from
for example, stone for the Pont du Gard was quarried at Estel

member of
a member of a union, league, or alliance

near or adjacent to

next place in route
reflects a connection from one place to another on the testimony of a written itinerary or similar source

for example, a settlement said to be on a road or river

part of (administrative)
a part of an administrative district or command, like a province or state

part of (analytical)
for modern groupings of places for purposes of scholarly analysis or cultural administration, as in an "archaeological landscape" recognized in the UNESCO World Heritage List

part of (physical/topographic)
for physical/topographic features, e.g., between and peninsula and the island it's a part of

part of (regional)
said to be part of a named region

relocated to
for example, as Klazomenai was relocated from a mainland site to an island in antiquity

same as
used to link a place entry based on ancient testimony only to a place entry with archaeological evidence to indicate possible equivalence

comes after (at the same general location)

grant of citizenship rights between Greek states that were to be combined to form a single state (as defined by OCD, s.v. "sympoliteia"