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Last Week in Pleiades (12-19 September 2022)

Creators: Tom Elliott Copyright © The Contributors. Sharing and remixing permitted under terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License (cc-by).
Last modified Sep 20, 2022 07:52 AM
Last week we published 8 new place resources. In addition, 130 existing place resources were updated.

New Place Resources

  • The Ancient Theater of Argos was a Hellenistic theater initially constructed in 320 BCE and later renovated by the Romans.
    Creators: Nomi Solwren, Merrick Gormley
    Contributors: Thomas Landvatter
  • The low hill known as Monte Giulio is anthropic, formed by the accumulation of sediment atop an ancient quay. Archaeological investigation beginning in 1968 revealed numerous architectural remains, including a cistern and a bath complex along the via Guidoni. The ruins of the so-called Capitaneria, or Harbor office, are located near the modern stele to the Fallen of Kindu. This complex seems to have been connected to the management of port traffic and was in use from the reign of Claudius until the fourth century.
    Creators: Jeffrey Becker
  • The ruins of a Republican-period 'domus rustica' located on the via Alexandre Gustave Eiffel in Rome, Italy, near Ponte Galeria.
    Creators: Jeffrey Becker
  • Cemetery at the Al-Bass site in Tyre containing burials, funerary urns, and stelae dated to the Phoenician period (8th-6th century BCE).
    Creators: Gabriel McKee
  • Remains of a Roman imperial villa incorporated into a post office that later became a hotel.
    Creators: Jeffrey Becker
  • The Tyre necropolis, part of the UNESCO World Heritage site of Tyre, contains a triumphal arch and hundreds of stone sarcophagi dated to the Roman and Byzantine periods. It is located adjacent to an older Phoenician burial site.
    Creators: Gabriel McKee
    Contributors: Jeffrey Becker
  • Cemetery site in northern Mongolia containing 35 burials dated to the Early Xiongnu period (200-50 BCE).
    Creators: Gabriel McKee
    Contributors: Tom Elliott
  • The Temple of Heracles is one of the oldest temples in the Valley of the Temples in ancient Akragas, Sicily, dating from around the late 6th century BCE.
    Creators: Freya Schlaefer, Asta Rossi
    Contributors: Jeffrey Becker, Thomas Landvatter

Modified Place Resources