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Concepts and Features

Creators: Tom Elliott Copyright © The Contributors. Sharing and remixing permitted under terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License (cc-by).
Last modified Jul 07, 2016 05:33 PM
These documents explain the design of Pleiades and the thinking behind it.
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Title Description
What's an un-GIS? Reprint of a 2010 blog post by Sean Gillies, which was also distributed as a handout at Digital Humanities 2011.
Conceptual Overview An introduction to Pleiades and the types of information resources it contains.
Workflow: The Pleiades editorial process The Pleiades website facilitates review of new and revised content using a publication workflow. This document describes that process.
What are Pleiades URIs? Pleiades uses Uniform Resource Identifiers to identify (uniquely and permanently) each distinct place, location, name, and connection in the gazetteer.
Citation of external resources How Pleiades considers and models citation of external resources
Art and Graphics About Pleiades artwork and imagery
Technical Introduction to Places What are these places and how are they related to names and locations?
Geography Terms and Abbreviations Greek and Latin geographic terms often appear in the titles of places or in their names, sometimes in abbreviated form. Those used in the Barrington Atlas and i...
Precision and Accuracy in Geolocation Information about the horizontal accuracy and precision of Pleiades location content.
With all the work of the Barrington Atlas reflecting coastline changes why not use a base that reflects that?
Pleiades and Linked Open Data Pleiades is a leading participant in the effort to create and sustain a subgraph of linked open data about the ancient world.
Does Pleiades record modern names? Yes we do, and here's how to search for them, add them, and find them in the downloads files.
What Other Projects and Scholars are Using Pleiades?
What classes of "object" are treated by the Pleiades data model?
Pleiades Software Components Information about the open-source software that powers Pleiades.
Is Pleiades a GIS or WebGIS?
Are there any plans in the future for new visualization tools? Maybe, for example, side by side comparisons of data sets?
Where did all the content in Pleiades come from?
Is Pleiades like Google Maps or Google Earth?
What are "connections?" Direct place-to-place relationships allowing the construction of geographic hierarchies and networks. Rivers to seas, roads to towns, towns to ethnic regions or...