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Adding data to Pleiades

Creators: Brian Turner, Tom Elliott Copyright © The Contributors. Sharing and remixing permitted under terms of the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 License (cc-by).
Last modified Jul 07, 2016 05:53 PM
Since Pleiades operates like an online journal for ancient geography and associated data, the editors invite you to submit information about missing or misidentified places, more accurate spatial coordinates, alternate names (both historical and modern), bibliography, links to other websites, and more. Get started contributing content here.
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To participate in the creation, update, and expansion of Pleiades content, you need to have an account on the system. Our Welcome Page provides comprehensive guidance on becoming a Pleiades member. New users will benefit from reading the Conceptual Overview before beginning to create content.

Title Description
Getting Started Key help documents and steps to get you started as a contributor to the Pleiades gazetteer.
Conceptual Overview An introduction to Pleiades and the types of information resources it contains.
Workflow: The Pleiades editorial process The Pleiades website facilitates review of new and revised content using a publication workflow. This document describes that process.
Editorial Guidelines Detailed policy instructions for the creation and editing of place, name, location, and connection resources in Pleiades.
Modify an existing resource This help topic provides step-by-step instructions for creating a personal working copy of a published place, name, location, or connection resource; modifying ...
Add a new place resource Do you need to add a new place resource to Pleiades? Here's how to do it.
Add a new name resource Do you need to add a new modern or historical name or name variant to a place resource in Pleiades? Here's how to do it.
Name Romanization Guide Guidance on romanizing (transliterating) names into Roman characters.
Add a new connection between two places "Connections" can be used to express relationships between two places in Pleiades. It's easy to add a new connection.
How to add a new reference References to external web pages, books, articles, and other resources can be added to "place", "name", "location", and "connection" resources. This document pr...
Citation Guide Examples of how to cite books, articles, websites, and primary sources in the "references" sections of Pleiades place, name, location, and connection resources ...
How do I indicate origin and accuracy of new location coordinates?
Modifying titles and descriptions of places A quick tutorial on improving the titles and descriptions of places
Reviewers' Guide The basic things a Pleiades reviewer or editor should check before publishing or checking in changed/new content.
How do I propose a different (better) pair of coordinates for an existing place? Adding new locations with more accurate coordinates or more detailed geometry (i.e., lines and polygons) is a common and important desire of Pleiades community ...
Is there a way to upload large collections of data into Pleiades? At present, no. But we're working on it and would be grateful for your feedback.
Add a new location resource Do you need to add a new location resource to Pleiades? Here's how to do it.
How do I use GPS to collect coordinates for contribution to Pleiades?
Linking Pleiades to OpenStreetMap We've made it much easier to get coordinates from and make ties to entities in OpenStreetMap, the world's foremost open geographical database. Easy enough, we h...
Reference: Attributes of Places A list of every attribute (field) in a Pleiades place resource, complete with definition and editorial guidelines for each.